Studio MIR blows my mind

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what am i doing???

I’m going through my old BoM fanarts, because ~nostalgia~ and because I’m getting a bunch of notes all of a sudden. Anyway, this dumbass gif is probably my most favorite thing I’ve ever done.


I like to think Justin kind of bullied his way into being Chris’ bff, haha. There was a fairly recent interview with Lance where he said that early on he was closest to Chris, which I totally get after watching The Reel *NSYNC, so now I’m a little curious how things shifted to Chris/Justin and Joey/Lance being the prominent friendships.

Like, I can’t help but imagine little bb Justin trying his damnedest to gain Chris’ favor. I don’t claim to understand it but bb Justin totally thought Chris was the coolest. guy. EVER. And I can easily picture him just shadowing Chris all the time, tailing him like an earnest puppy. Meanwhile Chris just sees him as this annoying kid, but he knows Justin means well and he kind of likes the attention. There was totally a weird idol-worshippy vibe regarding Justin -> Chris in the beginning and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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JO ★ JO !!!

It seems like drawing the full JojoBrigade is a rite of passage into the fandom, so of course I gave it a shot. The images are large-ish, so they look a lot better if you view them in full! ⊂(`・ω∩´)

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