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"hope you brought a change of clothes, ‘cause your eyes are about to piss tears."


This week on JoJo’s a Giant Dork, Jotaro tries really hard to be badass while fretting over his mother.

"I-it’s not like I want you better so you can kiss me goodbye in the morning or anything, b-baka!”

  •  Would you guys ever date a fan?
  • J.C.: If she introduced herself in the right way and everything -- I mean, if everything was pretty normal, yeah.
  • *NSYNC: Joey's dating 20 of them now.
  •  ---
  •  Are you planning on getting more involved in acting in other shows?
  • Chris: We're sorry we suck.
  •  ---
  •  Why are you all so happy?
  • J.C.: Why not?
  • Chris: I had pizza today.
  •  ---
  •   What is the wildest thing a fan has ever done for you guys?
  • J.C.: I don't know if it's appropriate.
  •  ---
  •  What are your most-used nicknames? Do you all have nicknames? And will you share?
  • Lance: I hate it when they call me Shorty.
  • Chris: That was Lance. We do...
  • *NSYNC: We call Chris Shorty.
  • J.C.: As if my name isn't short enough, they just call me C.
  • *NSYNC: Sometimes we call them --
  • Host: That last answer was edited.
  •  ---
  •   Do you guys have any weird eating habits, like eating chocolate with cheese or something?
  • Chris: J.C. just eats real fast.
  • Justin: I used to put ketchup on my green beans.
  • Chris: You ever see the Roadrunner eat those seeds?
  • J.C.: Chris eats worms.
  • Joey: Never drink Yoo-Hoo and eat pickles at 7:00 in the morning.
  • Chris: Joey eats pickles and drinks Yoo-Hoo in the morning, with worms.
  •  ---
  •  do you guys have girlfriends?
  • J.C.: Sometimes.
  • Chris: I have a web site.
  •  ---
  • Host: OK. “Does Justin wear a thong?” I swear that's a question.
  • Justin: This guy needs to stop [spreading] rumors.
  •  ---
  • Host: Joey, will you ever dye your hair another color?
  • Joey: No. I'm going to keep it red for a while.
  • *NSYNC: This is the rest of the band -- we hope so!
  •  ---
  •  “You guys are really, really, really, really cute.”
  • *NSYNC: We thank you really, really, really, really much.
  •  ---
  • Chris: I'm the only one left.
  • Host: OK. But we're live.
  • Chris: They all left me.

Attention my *NSYNC peeps!!!!


I’m looking for a pic of JC and Lance from the Celebrity tour where JC is bending over backward and I can’t find it! Help please?!

Not sure if there’s a specific one you’re looking for, so I stuck all the ones I have into an imgur folder. Here you go!

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daft punk ♫ 2013


- *NSync’s performance, *NSYNC: Get to the Show  [Gameboy Color] (InfoGrames)

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Rubberized Armor for Joan of Arc

This is a suit of armor made entirely out of cardboard and bicycle tubes, styled after the style of armor that Joan of Arc would have worn.


used bicycle tubes (free at any bike shop)
hot glue/gun
screws of varying lengths
acorn cap fittings

The entire base is constructed from cardboard that is cut and hot-glued into shape. Each individual piece was then covered in multiple coats of brown paper dipped in wallpaper paste, creating a thin, lightweight but very sturdy form of paper mache.

Every piece was then gesso-ed to remove any corrugation lines, then spray painted matte black.

After the individual pieces were primed I applied the bicycle tubes in varying combinations to create varying effects, such as weaving, stretching, piping, and other cuttings and manipulations. The tubes were adhered to the frame using rubber cement.

Finally, each piece was connected together using an awl, screws and acorn cap fittings to create a more intense armored feel.

This armor took about fifty hours of intense work to execute.

This is so cool.